1. What is “OEM” equipment?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM shafts are manufactured and either co-designed or independently designed by Matrix for a club company.


2. What is the difference between an OEM shaft manufactured by Matrix and a Matrix shaft manufactured for the aftermarket?

Matrix branded shafts are designed with desired ball flight characteristics in mind to match specific swing profiles. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) shafts are designed with a specific club head in mind to maximize performance of the club. As of 1/1/10, Matrix Shafts is unable to provide actual proprietary shaft specifications of any shaft provided to an OEM. Questions regarding the specifications of these shafts should be directed to the individual companies.


3. Why are some Matrix Shafts so expensive?

The use of exotic materials (Zylon, Gmat, high strength, high modulus, special resin formulated carbon prepreg usage), a unique and intricate manufacturing method and an industry leading quality control process all contribute to the cost of producing a premium product.


4. Where can I purchase a Matrix Shaft?

Find an authorized Matrix dealer in your area by visiting:


5. How do I know if my Matrix Shaft is genuine?

If you purchased your shaft from an authorized Matrix dealer, you can be sure your product is authentic. If a shaft is purchased from an unauthorized dealer including online auction sites, no warranty can be offered and the buyer runs a high risk of purchasing a counterfeit product.


6. How do I know which line of shafts is right for me?

The best way to find the shaft that will optimize your game is to be professionally fit by an authorized Matrix dealer. Since Matrix Shafts offers a wide variety of products with differing performance characteristics, an authorized dealer is best suited to help the fitting process.


7. Does trimming the shaft have an effect on the flex?

Yes, shortening the length of the shaft will result in a higher CPM frequency. Tip trimming will increase CPM ratio by 2:1 over butt trimming.


8. Where can I find a general breakdown of shaft specifications?

Go to our Product page and click on the name of the specific shaft you are interested in. There you will find more details and fitting information for each shaft.


9. How can I contact Matrix to speak to someone about shafts?

You can call us toll free at 800-275-3401,    or email support@matrixshafts.com


10. Does Matrix extend discounts to PGA members?

Yes, Matrix does offer a discount program for PGA members. We also offer programs for collegiate level players as well as players on professional mini-tours around the world.


11. Why should I choose Matrix?

 With a PGA Tour proven product mix ranging from Studio to Ozik to the new Radix line, Matrix offers the most comprehensive line of premium shafts available. Additionally, with continued “Be First” technologies like Interply and HD, we remain at the innovative forefront of the shaft industry.


12. What is HD?

HD is the hexadecagonal (16 sided) internal shaft that creates strength from the core. The 16-sided butt section provides a better structure to strengthen the tip without adding additional weight. The HD structure is more consistently uniform than a circular design, which reduces the need for specific orientation during installation. The HD design increase MOI therefore HD structure is an excellent combination for the larger, high MOI head.


13. What is your Warranty and Return Policy?

Dealer Warranty: Products can be returned within thirty days of original purchase date provided that the product has not be used, altered or otherwise damaged from its original form. 

End User Warranty: Product must be returned in original condition to the dealer at the location where purchased from.

Warranty and Return Policy