Matrix® Maru Shafts now available thru Authorized Dealers



 Matrix Shafts® is proud to announce their newest wood shaft series, MARU (Mar-ROO) are now available to the public through their Authorized Dealer Network. The Matrix Speed Ops Design Group has engineered two new, mid-launching and mid-spinning shaft profiles, utilizing Gradient Energy Flow(GEF) technology.


A golf shaft experiences the greatest amount of energy deformation under load. The GEF TECHNOLOGY featured in Matrix MARU allows for maximizing ball speed and Tour-type trajectory. It further enhances the stability of the shaft’s mid-section to minimize energy loss, transferring more power directly to the clubhead at impact. Each shaft has been specifically designed to optimize feel and performance based on swing type and speed.


MARU RED has a stout overall profile with an extra-stiff tip section. Ideal for more aggressive, high swing-speed players that prefer an extremely stable shaft with a firm feel, and a piercing, controlled ball flight. Available in 60g and 70g versions in S and X flex.


MARU GREEN has a smooth, consistent profile that provides maximum kick energy. Low torque results in great control and feedback for the player. Ideal for a wide range of players with smooth tempo swing types and speeds looking for responsive feel without sacrificing control. Available in 60g in R, S and X flexes, and in 70g in S and X flexes.


“We’ve developed these shafts with a tremendous amount of feedback from players on the PGA and Tours, and we are excited to make this Tour-proven technology available to the public” says Chris Elson, President of Matrix Shafts.


MARU is available now with an MSRP of $350.