Dealer of the Month: ALBERTA GOLF WORKS | Matrix Shafts

Dealer of the Month

Did you know Alberta Golf Works is one of the longest operating Custom Club shops in North America, operating full time since 1974?

Named "Canadian Clubmaker of the Year" 3 times by the Professional Clubmakers Society and named" World top 100 fitter" by KZG for ten years running.


"Club making is our profession, not our hobby”, says Rick McKenzie, owner of the long standing company alongside his son, Jordy McKenzie.

Matrix Shafts is proud to be in business with Alberta for almost 25 years. They carry many of our shafts ready to demo with various heads such as Miura, PXG, KZG and Powerbilt. They have a full simulator for the ultimate fitting experience with knowledgeable fitters nearby to assist you with anything through the entire process.

Currently they keep our flagship products like the Red Tie, Black Tie and White tie and great valued, great performing shafts like the DEUS line in stock.

Alberta Golf Works notes that they love the trajectory variables allowed using the Matrix Shaft MFS series, and the frequency value on each shaft, which really help to give them a starting point.

Visit their website for more information and be sure to stop in when in town to get the full experience.