| OZIK Fitting Studio

The OZIK Fitting Studio is built to provide you with a premium fitting experience. By using the Trackman fitting system, our professional club fitters will help you improve your swing and find the clubs that are right for you.

For scheduling, please email us at support@matrixshafts.com. 





Driver: $100.00, 45 minutes

Woods:  $100.00, 45 minutes

Irons: $125.00, 60 minutes

Choice fit: $100.00, 45 minutes


Tour Stop $450.00 for 3 hours

-Access to Tour only shafts

-GAP Fitting data sheets

-Developmental Lesson Plan


InteractiveLesson for $300.00

Includes all Basic options above PLUS,

-Flight monitor data output

-set make-up

-detailed before and after specs

-voice over of swing analysis

-lesson (corrective)


R&D $3,000.00 for All day

Includes Tour Stop listed above PLUS,


-Access to Tour shafts-prototype only

-Return Visit to verify progress


-Golf with choice of shaft designer, PGA Tour Fitter or PGA Instructor